Jan 9, 2013

give 'em shell!

This is what I look like when I walk Ruby.

Also, this is the outift I want to be wearing when the zombie apocalypse happens.
If watching Resident Evil and The Walking Dead have taught me anything it's that 1. you can look great even when running from zombies and 2. you're going to be so busy running you won't be thinking about your clothes so what you're wearing when it starts is probably what you'll be wearing for a while.

anisa is wearing a J Brand denim jacket, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's shirt, Jimmy Taverniti cargo pants, and Steve Madden loafers

My 'Anisa' necklace, my triquetra necklace (from Ireland), and my new 'California' necklace (with a heart where L.A. is) from arnab:
{The 'California' necklace is handmade by Melissa Hamming, find her etsy store here!}

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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