Jan 3, 2013

inspiration: shoes shoes shoes!!

Happy New Year!

These past few weeks were super busy and the one thing I learned is that you can never have too many shoes. 
Don't believe anyone who tells you different!
Or else, you should have a nice, sizable variety of shoes to wear so that it's not the day of a party and you realize you've got nothing to put on your feet.
And, right now is a great time to buy shoes because everyone's having their winter sales!

I've gotten to the point where I don't waste time looking/trying on stilettos or heels which have platforms.
{They're too uncomfortable to walk in for me.}
Instead I look for thicker-heeled shoes and wedges {I'm obsessed with wedges.}

These are some I'm loving right now:

Kate Spade / Calvin Klein

If you want to see more on the shoes click on the pictures/ designer names!
Have a great Thursday!!

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