Jan 30, 2013

rain or shine

These pictures were taken last week when we were experiencing some rainy days.
We were dressed and ready to leave and when I realized the rain had stopped for a second we ran out to do pictures.
Hence the no jackets.
The rain stopped on Friday but unfortunately was replaced with an icy chill.
I much prefer the rain.

I love full skirts.
When I saw this faux-leather one by Free People I immediately wanted it.
And then just as soon, thought it was too short.
At what age do you have to seriously consider the length of your skirts?
I tried it on and deemed it long enough for a 25 year old.
And anyways, that's what tights are for, am I right?

arnab's been doing a bit more shopping than usual these past few months.
Though, to be fair, he could continue on this route and still not have bought as much as I have.
{I definitely need to work more on that!}
And half the stuff he bought was for his trip to China.
So there you go, business expenses.
Plus he snagged himself some staples.
A blue suit, a winter coat, and the vest he's wearing.
If you're making big clothing purchases make sure it's something that you can get a lot of wear out of.
That way you won't drive yourself crazy thinking back on said big purchases.
Trust me I shop a lot.

anisa is wearing a Forever 21 top, Free People skirt, Urban Outfitter belt, Target tights, vintage bag, and Ralph Lauren rain boots
arnab is wearing Hawkings McGill vest, Zara button down, Goorin Bros. hat, Zara pants, and Cole Haan oxfords

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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