Jan 4, 2013

whatever you do, do it good. express yourself!

When I first saw these pants they had every size but mine. 
So then I scoured the internet for my size but it was either sold out, not in my size, or fully priced (aka out of my price range.)
 Then one day I found it, on sale and in my size!
arnab was kind of less then thrilled, and I have to admit these are some crazy pants.
But then again I'm a little bit crazy.
And you should always be a little crazy!

When I bought arnab the shirt he's wearing I bought it for one thing and one thing only, the fact that the pocket is a different pattern then the rest of his shirt.  
One thing you don't know about arnab, he loves pockets on clothes.
You should see him when he discovers hidden pockets, like when they're on the inside of jackets. 
I don't think the pockets have to be hidden or have to stand out in anyway, he just likes pockets on clothes.
I guess we're both a little bit crazy.

anisa is wearing a JBrand jacket, Alternative Apparel shirt, Textile Elizabeth and James pants, vintage Coach bag, and Jeffrey Campbell boots
arnab is wearing a vintage leather jacket, ASOS shirt, Levi's jeans, and Kenneth Cole boots

The post title is a lyric from Labrinth's "Express Yourself."
Have a wonderful Friday!!

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