Feb 3, 2013

eat your heart out: coffee cake!

Hello everyone!
Happy Super Bowl Sunday!
Even though neither of my teams are playing and I could care less who wins the Super Bowl, 
I am a huge football fan and am glad there's still one more football game left this season to enjoy. 

On to the cooking.
Everyone knows school food was nothing to be excited about.
When talking to my friends we can come up with maybe three things we liked that the cafeteria served us.
One of those was coffee cake.
Man did we have some good coffee cake back in high school.

Since then, I occasionally buy coffee cake whenever I can find it.
{I don't like their coffee, but Starbucks makes a mean coffee cake!}
Then I decided to try and make it myself, cut out the middle man.
I crossed my fingers to see if there was a recipe here and there was!
The Pioneer Woman saved the day!
The title for her post is 'The Best Coffee Cake. Ever' and it was, it really was!
It was a super hit here in my house.

I'm going to link you over to her site now because 1. she has the recipe there but more importantly 2. she has a picture play by play of the instructions.
Go here for the recipe. 

The recipe is very easy to follow.
If you don't have an immersion blender don't worry about it, you can use whatever blender you have on hand, or even use your hand if you want to try that route.

I've tried recipes from many sites and all the recipes I've tried from The Pioneer Woman have been home runs.
You should definitely check out the site if you like cooking.

Happy Baking!

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