Feb 19, 2013

inspiration: LondonFW 2013!!

I'm much faster this time around with London's fashion week.
I'm super proud of myself especially since the Burberry Prorsum and Tom Ford shows were only just yesterday.

I am biased on my favorites for London fashion week, but then again I was somewhat biased for the NYFW post as well.
{I'm obviously obsessed with all things Marc Jacobs}
If you follow this blog or just go through it, it should be glaringly obvious how much both arnab and I love Burberry and Moschino, so it may not be a surprise that they're in this post.
Tom Ford is also a huge favorite of ours, though I don't think that's ever been mentioned in the blog.
I suspect it's because of how impossible it would be to own any of his stuff for ourselves.

First things first, all three collections have leopard print in them.
All three!!!
Just the thought puts a smile to my face!
But also, it makes me want to buy a leopard-print coat, which isn't so ideal since I should be saving, not spending money right now.

The Burberry Prorsum collection is filled with brilliant prints, amazing shoes and bags {I'd like to point out the last guy's shoes and bag right now- AMAZING!}, and everyone looked riducluously classy!
The Moschino Cheap & Chic collection is reminiscent of 80's and 90's fashion, which usually I detest, but somehow that mixed with the punk rocker edginess {which I love} it all blends to make a really fun collection.
The Tom Ford collection is filled with color {I love color!}, and fringe {!!}, and leopard{!!}, and sequins {that look like comic book pop art!!}
So much wonderfulness!

{the leopard-print coat!}
{OH MY!!}

{love the dress. love the coat.}
{are those creepers?! haven't seen those in forever!}

{the leather jacket, the pants, and the dress are must-have statements!!}

You can find the rest of these and more collections here.

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