Feb 24, 2013

inspiration: MilanFW 2013!!

So I have to admit that after looking through so many collections during the New York and London Fashion Weeks, Milan caught me at a moment where I was like 'another fashion week?"
Which was when I was reminded Paris fashion week starts Tuesday...
Then I was also reminded that in Paris, Alexander Wang {who I love} is going to debut his first collection with Balenciaga!
Which got me excited about fashion weeks as a whole again. Which is a great thing because as soon as I got to the Milan fashion week page I saw my beloved Moschino, with a whole mess of plaid, and let's just there are no other collection's this post.

 {plaid! plaid! plaid!}

 {plaid! plaid! plaid!}
{in case you didn't know, I LOVE plaid!}

{love the jackets and I think I should wear my Moschino belt with red pants!}

{black and white, classic!}


 {men's wear inspired!!}

{love! love! love!}

One more designer.
I just had to add this:
Love these guys!

You can find the rest of these and more collections here.

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