Mar 29, 2013

i'm one step closer to bein' just where i want to be

We took our mom to the Thousand Oaks mall over the weekend.
It's like all malls, really, but it has a really pretty outdoor area, which is where we took these pictures.
{super nerve racking!}

In case you were wondering, that is a Ninja Turtle on my band-aid...
Say hi to Raphael!
{though don't tell Michelangelo- he's my favorite}
{ ;) }


I told arnab that I'd put this picture up because of how ridiculous he looks. 
Clearly he's already started to stand up, but his legs are still crossed.
How confusing and awkward all at once!

p.s., totally instagrammed the steps, they're so pretty!

anisa is wearing an Alternative Apparel shirt, Moschino belt, BCBGeneration skirt, vintage Dooney and Bourke, and Jean-Michel Cazabat wedges
arnab is wearing Alternative Apparel shirt, vintage star pin, KR3W pants, and Alfani boots

The post title is a lyric from The Format's "The Compromise."
Have a wonderful Friday!!

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