Apr 22, 2013

10 things!

We haven't done a '10 things' in ages!! 
This one will be a bit different as we'll be listing the top 5 things we're listening to right now because music is always playing around us, so we figured why not.
Hope you enjoy!

anisa's top 5:
{in no particular order}

Whether I'm in my car or listening on my iPod I've been finding myself looking for these artists, these albums, and the songs from them.

Joe Purdy: Only Four Seasons

I am a proud owner of all of Joe Purdy's albums and I'm always listening to his songs.
Recently this album has found it's way into my car and I find myself sticking it into my stereo more often than not. 
The songs are sweet, soft, smooth, and fun.
It always makes me happy. 

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: The Heist

I love this album!
When we first got it I had to force myself to remove it from my car so I wouldn't get sick of it or something.
Well that plan was a bit of a fail because I'm still constantly listening to the album, just through my iPod.
I've yet to get sick of any of the songs.

Minor Threat

Sometimes I'm sure I look super weird blasting Minor Threat on my car radio but oh well!
Their song "Minor Threat" has always been like an anthem to me. 
Sometimes I think that I've been listening to this band for ages and that reminds me that I'm getting older, but then I think I'm glad that I'm older and I'm still loving bands like this one.

Mumford & Sons: Babel

Like The Heist, this album has been playing constantly since I got it.
My favorite song on the album is "Not With Haste" and sometimes I have to talk myself out of playing it over and over again.
p.s. check out "Learn Me Right," on the Brave soundtrack.
It's the same song as "Not With Haste" but it's performed by Birdy and Mumford & Sons and it's amazing!

Operation Ivy: Energy

The day I stop loving Operation Ivy will be the day, I don't know, pigs fly.
These guys and this album is one of my favorites ever. 
The messages the songs send, the fantastically catchy tunes, it all adds up to brilliance!

arnab's top 5:
Originally I was going to set up my list as albums as well, but then there were a couple songs that as per right now I'm rocking on the daily, so my list will be a bit of a mix.

So here it is, in no particular order.

Taylor Swift: Red
There's no way this list would be complete without Taylor Swift, because that's what is currently playing on repeat in my car!
Her newest album Red is excellent.The whole cd is flippin' amazing. I unabashedly love Taylor Swift and on any given day I can be found belting out her songs driving two and from my home to anywhere I need to go. If you haven't heard this album yet, go do it right now. I guarantee you won't regret it.

"Closer" by Tegan and Sara

I cannot tell you enough how great this song is. The melody, the lyrics, the voice, and if you get the chance, the music video. It all works brilliantly together. Seriously, once you're done with T-Swizzle, give this song a listen.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: The Heist

This album is the shit. From start to finish, these two guys, with a slew of talented guests, have produced a beast of an album. Ever since this cd has left Anisa's car, it has found a home in mine, and has remained there since.  

"Give It All Back" by Noah and the Whale

Noah and the Whale have been an everlasting presence in my music shuffle ever since they waltzed their way into my life, around 5 or so years ago. This song has stuck with me for the last 5 or 6 months. It's upbeat, uplifting, wicked fun. Go listen to it! And then go listen to all of their awesome stuff!

"Kiss You" by One Direction

What can I say, I listen to an eclectic array of music. And sometimes that happens to include kickass boybands from across the pond. Anywho, I can't attest to knowing all that many songs of theirs, probably about a handful really, but the ones I know are catchy, poppy, and wildly entertaining, and that's fantastic.
This song in particular is the one that recently started my journey to being a fan.

So there it is, now quit staring and start listening!

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