May 3, 2013

the things we do are never going to change

 Hey guys!

As I write this up we're watching the last episodes of The Office and I'm getting sadder and sadder as the series finale comes closer and closer.
It's Friends all over again!
I keep hearing the Dunder Mifflin song that they made up in the show in my head, haha.

P.s. We've been having extra crazy weather here in L.A.
It's wreaking having on the poor kids I work with.
Not to mention, though a lot less important, it's hell trying to predict what the weather will be like and how to dress for the day.

I'm wearing my handy dandy vintage polka dotted skirt.
It is my spring, summer, and fall skirt.

arnab just recently purcahsed a few pairs of shorts at a Levi's store for super super cheap.
He told me I was evil for covincing him to get them but 1. (again) super cheap, 2. Levi's shorts tend to be on the cute side, and 3. they're wonderful for our warm/hot days.
I think a 'thank you, dear sister' is in order.

anisa is wearing H&M top, vintage skirts, Saint Laurent Paris clutch, and Dolce Vita sandals
arnab is wearing Ben Sherman button down, Levi's shorts, Moschino belt, and Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes

The post title is a lyric from The Format's "Let's Make This Moment a Crime."
Have a wonderful Friday!!

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