Jun 12, 2013

now don't you understand, that i'm never changing who i am

 It's funny.
Looking at the pictures for this post, I realize that I've been hanging out with the same handful of people for more than 5 years. 
And every time we hangout, which is pretty often, we always have such a blast.
I really love my friends.
[in case they didn't know]

We celebrated Nilo's birthday this weekend.
She's the youngest of us, at 17!
We went to Pasadena for an outdoor movie night.
[we went through this site: eatseehear.com and you should check it out!]
The movie was "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".
[one of my favorites!]
And we had a fantastic choice of food trucks to eat from. :)
We ate at Rushed Art Food, who had the best steak sandwhich, and Brasil Kiss, whose mocha milkshake was delicious! 

anisa is wearing a Rodarte sweatshirt, RayBan sunglasses, AG Adriano Goldschmied jeans, Alexander Wang bag, and Jean-Michel Cazabat wedges
arnab is wearing a Levi's shirt, Levi's tie, KR3W jeans, and Ted Baker oxfords

The post title is a lyric from Imagine Dragons' "It's Time."
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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