Jul 10, 2013

don't follow, cause i'll only bring you sorrow


Here in L.A. we're in that time of summer where all our outfits are created to help beat the heat.
A lace top and shorts were my way of doing just that.
[I can't even look at my beloved skinny jeans at the moment]
In term's of menswear arnab choose a lightweight polo and white denim.
[if you're a guy and you want to know how to dress in warm/hot weather definitely follow arnab's looks.
The boy abhors heat and makes sure that no outfit will add to the 'misery' as he calls it.]

anisa is wearing a Forever 21 top, Charley 5.0 shorts, vintage bag, and M.I.A. flats
arnab is wearing an H&M top, Levi's jeans, Gucci belt, and Ted Baker oxfords

The post title is a lyric from Steel Train's "Firecracker."
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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