Jul 1, 2013

inspiration: knick knacks!

You know how arnab and I love going to vintage and thrift stores?
Well, when we shop we look at a bunch of things.
You can find us in the clothes and accessorize sections [the obvious place to find us] but you can also find us in the jewelry section, the book section, the art section, and the section with all the random knick knacks- house-ware stuff.

What kind of knick knacks you ask?
These kinds:
1. a cookie tin can [the nautical theme WON me over]
I use it to store jewelry which, surprise surprise, incudes nautical themed jewelry... 

 2. I'm not exactly sure what this is supposed to be.
It was made in Israel, is very pretty, and is a great holder for my lipsticks!

p.s. ever since I tried Iliana's MAC: Girl About Town last Thanksgiving weekend I've been obsessed with buying and wearing lipstick!

 3. A mirror that I keep right near the door of my bedroom.
I use it as a mirror and as a storage space. 
I found it at the Goodwill and told arnab he should go look at it and see if I should buy it.
Anyway, he told me that when he went to see it it had sold!
But really he bought it and gave it to me as a birthday present.
best. brother. ever.

4. But p.s. I'm the best sister in the world because I found this beauty and immediately bought it for arnab, he loves things with antlers [ex// think Game of Thrones]. 
(the $5 price tag won me over as well)
It's really the coolest bowl in the world and right now it's being used to store small camera pieces that are otherwise easily lost.

There's some of our loot.
I think the best part is that we got all four things for less then $25!
If you're looking to decorate your home don't forget to check out your local thrift/vintage/antique stores, you'll never know what strange/interesting things you'll find!


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