Jul 29, 2013


Happy Monday!

Have you guys seen the shirts that parody designer logos?
Or the shirts that play on designer names?
While I haven't bought any myself [yet] I think they're wildly hilarious.

Check 'em out:


Comme des Garçons:

[these two of Comme des Garçons are my favorites]




Rag and Bone:

Dries Van Noten:
[this one is so dang funny!]

Alexander Wang
 [I'm also loving this A. Wang shirt!]

Proenza Schouler:

or if you wanna show support of you favorite designer you can go this fabulous route: 
Riccardo Tisci 
[I love these shirts so much!]
[I may have to get me a Tisci, Wang, or McQueen]
[Oh the choices!]

Alexander Wang

 Nicolas Ghesquière

[Click on the pictures to take you to their sites.]

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