Jul 8, 2013


Happy Monday!

Here's some things that have found there way onto my instagram:

I love my state!

1. My new Joie sandals 2. Plaid (obsessed with plaid) Current/Elliott's paired with my Miu Miu oxfords

1. My Saint Laurent clutch (obsessed with it) 2. Combined this hair diy with a fishtail braid for a new hairstyle. P.S. the aforementioned hair diy is super easy to do and super cute!

1. Me, arnab, and our mom 2. Me, arnab, and our dad

My baby!

1. Pop vinyl's- Tails (from Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog) and Michaelangelo (from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's) [Let's never grow up!!] 2. Living in L.A. where so many people are affected by fires every year, we really appreciate and love our firefighters!

Roses around the house

1. Watched This Is The End for a friend's birthday a few weeks back and it was HILARIOUS! 2. Also had a Pixar marathon day a few weeks back, love Pixar!!

1. I do love love and I do support gay marriage! 2. This was a message to my best friend. (hahaha) arnab, Sosann, and I are very realistic, which at times makes us pessimistic. Best friends who think alike stay best friends forever! Or so they say...


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