Jul 31, 2013

they will hear me roar

These were our outfits to a princess birthday party this past Sunday.
We had great Mexican and Afghan food!
The weather was nice and cool!
And we got cake and princess goody bags filled with candy!
Now that's a party!

What are the chances that arnab and I would both wear leopard printed tops to a party?
Apparently super high.
The reason arnab and I make a fantastic shopping team is that we like a lot of the same stuff.
[p.s. it's also why we get along more then a lot of brothers and sisters]

Also another reason we're such a fantastic shopping team?
When someone [Anisa] want's to test out nail polish colors [which happens a lot] she's able to test it out on arnab's nails.
Win, win!
Or something...

anisa is wearing a Lush jacket, H&M top, Current/Elliott jeans, vintage Dooney and Bourke bag, and Dolce Vita sandals
arnab is wearing an H&M button down, KR3W jeans, and Calvin Klein boots

The post title is a lyric fromMumford & Sons' "Ghosts That We Knew."
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Jul 29, 2013


Happy Monday!

Have you guys seen the shirts that parody designer logos?
Or the shirts that play on designer names?
While I haven't bought any myself [yet] I think they're wildly hilarious.

Check 'em out:


Comme des Garçons:

[these two of Comme des Garçons are my favorites]




Rag and Bone:

Dries Van Noten:
[this one is so dang funny!]

Alexander Wang
 [I'm also loving this A. Wang shirt!]

Proenza Schouler:

or if you wanna show support of you favorite designer you can go this fabulous route: 
Riccardo Tisci 
[I love these shirts so much!]
[I may have to get me a Tisci, Wang, or McQueen]
[Oh the choices!]

Alexander Wang

 Nicolas Ghesquière

[Click on the pictures to take you to their sites.]

Jul 27, 2013

when i got the music i got a place to go

I delayed this post a day because I wanted to attach pictures from Friday night.
Friday night [yesterday] arnab and I went to a Rancid show.
As huge fans of Rancid [we named our dog Ruby Soho after a Rancid song] we were happy to end the week/ start the weekend with the show.

The show was opened by the Transplants who were awesome.
Even more awesome was that Tim Armstrong played for two bands tonight back to back, the Transplants and Rancid.

Rancid was amazing as usual.
[and we came out of the show without any scrapes or bruises thanks very much!]
The show started with the song that the post title came from and ended with 'Ruby Soho,' just awesome! 

 [punk rock]

We took pictures after because we totally forgot to take them before due to our excitement to get to the show.

The second set of pictures of from last weekend when we went out to dinner with friends.
We went to The Six Restaurant in Studio City, and as usual, had a wonderful dinner with the best people ever. 

arnab is wearing an Alkaline Trio band shirt, Levi's denim, and Kenneth Cole boots;
a Zara top, KR3W jeans, and Zara boots;

 anisa is wearing an Operation Ivy band shirt, Joe's Jeans jeans, vintage Dooney and Bourke bag, and Jeffrey Campbell boots;
a Zara top, skirt, Betsey Johnson clutch, and Aldo wedges

The post title is a lyric from Rancid's "Radio."
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Jul 24, 2013

i'm nothing but a stranger in this world

 It always puzzles me when the ladies on the blogs I follow wear dresses as tops and put a skirt on top.
I kind of still don't get it.
And when you read the items I'm wearing on this post you'll see that my top is actually a dress! 
But in my defense, this is the shortest dress ever.
In the dressing room I swear it was a longer dress.
However in the light of day, or heck at any time of day, it's clear that it's indecently short.
I've never worn it alone, always with shorts, tights, or in this case as a top.
Don't you hate when clothes look different in the store and at home?
Thankfully this particular dress is versatile enough that I decided to keep it rather then return it, which is always a pain.

In other news.
I'm pretty sure arnab has theses jeans in, like, 3 different colors.
 It's the same with another style of jeans he has, those are Levi's and the one's here are KR3W.
I myself have 3 of the same pair of Current/Elliott jeans.
The thing is, people often say [I'm one of them] that finding the perfect pair of jeans is hard work.
When you love denim as much as arnab and I do, you can imagine how sad we'd be if we could never find jeans that worked for us.
For this reason [and maybe cause we're a little weird?] if we find a pair of jeans that work we buy multiple pairs if we can.
It's just how we do...

anisa is wearing an H&M dress, Free People skirt, Coach bag, and Jean-Michel Cazabat wedges
arnab is wearing a Surface To Air button down, bow tie, KR3W jeans, and Ted Baker oxfords

These pictures were inspired by some ads in Marc Jacobs' Fall 2010 ad campaign, shot by Juergen Teller [who's photography I love!]

The post title is a lyric from Van Morrison's "Astral Weeks"
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Jul 19, 2013

and you think to yourself, "this is it, this is it."

[ahh sharks!]
[ ;) ]
I'm so jealous arnab owns these shorts as I am a huge shark fan.
Still I was the one who found them online and told him to buy them so I guess I'm making myself jealous...
(small inside joke between me, arnab, and 'The Hills')

arnab is wearing an Altru tank, RayBan sungalsses, ASOS swimshorts, and Sperry Top-Sider boatshoes
anisa is wearing a Rodarte sweatshirt, LA Angels baseball hat, vintage shorts, Gucci wristlet, and Converse sneakers 

Have a wonderful weekend!
It's DineLA week for everyone here in L.A. be sure to check it out, we sure are!

The post title is a lyric from The Airborne Toxic Event's "Wishing Well"
Have a wonderful Friday!!