7 Content Marketing Secrets Big Companies Don’t Want You to Know

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There are many content marketing secrets. In the digital age, it seems obvious that content marketing is an essential part of selling. But realize that you are still selling, even if it’s just an idea and not necessarily a product or service.

If you write about your product, they will come … right? Not necessarily. There are a few untold content marketing secrets big companies use that can help small to medium size businesses succeed.

While it is simple to put information out there, you have to do it in the right way. There are billions of people who could potentially see your content. The problem is, there are also billions of websites competing for your customer’s limited attention. Standing out in the crowd is one of the biggest content marketing secrets.

Here are seven content marketing secrets every marketer needs to know:

1. Content is king, but marketing is queen

While good content is important, if you don’t promote it in the right way, no one will ever see your great work. Sharing your content on social media is a great first step. Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and others, are a platform for you to offer your material to a specific audience. This designated audience can then spread the word for you … for free. There are lots of things trying to get attention. The more you can get your content in front of people the better chance you have. Another key concept of marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This helps the search engines point the right people toward your content.

2. You have to reach people’s emotions

The old saying is, “people don’t care what you know until they know you care.” This is one of the most important content marketing secrets. You may have the best information about the widget you are selling, but no one other than your fellow inventors care about the details. This is why cars are sold on a purely emotional level. You don’t sell cars showing the gear ratios of a continuously variable transmission. You need to tap into what people are feeling when you create content. Show them how what you are selling will meet their emotional need. Your content may inform them, but it also has to move them.

3. What’s happening now: Real time data

Attention spans are short, especially on the Internet. This is why your content needs to be current with the latest trends. Things people are talking about will get shared more than something that is not hot at the moment. Still, you can adjust your content so that it related to the latest trend, which will make your content relevant to readers. With running a business this can be difficult, so some people contact a professional agency to help get this done.

4. Use the energy of others

Creating constant content can be hard work and take a lot of time. One of the more important content marketing secrets is to use social media to drive new content initiatives. You can have a photo of the month contest, or something of that nature, to get people feeding you content. They may also forward along your material more if it involves something they took part in. You can also make customer success stories into social media posts that your readers can share. The point is to get your branding out there and do it in such a way that it is shareable. People can then share it, and do the marketing for you. Another way to stimulate interest is to create polls or ask questions.

5. The title matters

A lot of people only read the headlines. This was true when newspapers were all there was to read, and it is true now when much more is available. Now your content competes for a reader’s attention on the Internet. Your headline, or title, must grab the reader’s attention. You don’t have to lie, or even mislead readers with what your content is about. You must write a headline in such a way that the reader will want to read it. If the headline is good enough, it will create a desire to read at least part of your content. Here is what you are competing against. There are a few million blog posts and a few billion Facebook posts every single day. Your headline has to stand out among all those others to get attention.

6. Consistency in content marketing

It is important to have a blog, and it is important to be consistent in your output. There is some debate on how often you should blog. Even those that say every day, say that doing so every other day won’t hurt anything. But it is important to be consistent. This will create a habit among your followers to expect to get something from you. If people are expecting to read something, they are more likely to check the blog often. People read blogs that have new content on a regular basis more often than those that are not consistent. Studies have shown that readership does not suffer when you post every other day. However, some studies have shown a decrease in readership when there is too much content like more than once per day.

7. Pictures and graphics

No matter how good your words are, people want to see pictures. Some kind of picture or graphic will get people to look. They are also more likely to share information if there is a visual aspect to the information. You can use pictures or graphs. It helps if they have something in common but to some extent, you can do so to get people to look. If you can make some sort of connection between the subject and the message, you will find gold.

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Jeramy Gordon is the founder and Chief Content Officer at the Lorem Ipsum Company. He has been creating successful content strategies for almost two decades and believes in the power of high-quality content. He lives in Orange County, California, with his wife and two children.

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